Think Twice about Accepting Unsolicited Guest Posts 上 您r Blog

Guest posting used to be a relatively innocent way to get more exposure for 您r own blog by providing 高质量 articles for no fee and in exchange for a brief bio or link back to 您r website. The positive for someone who accepted partypoker帖子s was a much-needed break from writing their own posts, or perhaps even a unique point of view to help grow their blog readership. I’ve been 上 both sides of the partypoker帖子ing business – and it was 从来没有为了赢利而做。 


If 您 run a blog with any level of success, 您’可能已收到一封电子邮件,内容如下:

My name is ______________ and I am a writer and a 博主. I'm just getting in touch to ask if 您're open to reviewing content from freelance. If so, I'd love to put together a 高质量 article written specifically for the site.

Do let me know if 您're interested, and if so I can get something written for 您 over the course of the next few days.

我告诉他们别走! Here’s why:

I was waiting for 您r 还原.
Please tell me 您r preferred topic and allow me to start my writing.
Looking forward to 您r 还原.

First, of all, 您 can tell that English is not the first language here. 谁用这个词“revert”?到底为什么有人会接受我允许他们开始写作的要求呢?

我结束了谷歌搜索“guest poster”问题,发现,虽然他们没有“home”自己打电话(网站,博客,自由职业者,甚至Twitter句柄), they had done hundreds of partypoker帖子s across the internet. Most of the partypoker帖子s were 上 垃圾邮件my sites with no original content, but 上 e thing was consistent throughout all of the posts this “blogger” had provided.  生物读这样的东西:
“______是专业博客。她喜欢撰写有关技术和奢侈品的文章。除此之外,她还喜欢小玩意。最近,一篇有关浴室创意的文章吸引了她的注意。这些天,她忙于写一篇关于女性的文章’s health.”
注意,除了启示“最近被一篇文章吸引” (which has no business being in a 真实 bio), all of the keywords in her bio are hyperlinked to sites that are likely paying her for backlinks.


What does this mean for 您?

1.它’s becoming harder to find 真实 partypoker帖子ers for adding content to 您r blog.


3. They will continue to dilute the quality of writing that is out there, and make it more difficult for 真实 作家 to secure authentic partypoker帖子s for the purpose of promoting their blogs and businesses.

I recommend steering clear of any email that 优惠 partypoker帖子s in this manner. 有时候’很难说,但我总是会要求提供示例和网站。如果可以的话’做到这一点,远离吧!另外,不要’永远不要在个人简介中允许关键字链接,除非您谨慎地进行此操作,并且不适合亲密的朋友或业务同事使用(Google可能会为此而哀求。)如果其他所有方法均失败,则Google以作者的姓名和“guest post”看到他们所有的网站’我写了。你可能赢了’留下深刻的印象(错别字等很常见)。

Have 您 ever accepted a partypoker帖子s and been disappointed with the results? It’s never too late to change 您r mind or remove a 垃圾邮件my post, as long as currency hasn’t exchanged hands!

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  1. I have accepted a couple of partypoker帖子s unsolicited, but I was obviously talking to a 真实 person about 真实 content. They were upfront about why they wanted to post (both times were because their blog/book fit into my current series topic) and I maintained full editorial control. I would never accept a post that came outright and suggested I might need to pay for my content. What an insult!

  2. 感谢您的反馈,林赛!那's great that 您 happened upon genuine posters that met 您r need for content in a legit way. I think there is still hope for partypoker帖子ing programs, but there are still a lot of people who have a hard time discerning the "real"那些仅仅是链接放置机器的博客作者。很高兴听到你'我有一些很好的经验,非常感谢您停下来分享:)

  3. This is perfect post to help people discern the difference. I am not a 博主 but I sure like stalking them :0) Found 您 上 Pinterest by the way....thanks for the read.

  4. I'我收到了很多这样的电子邮件,我很清楚这些电子邮件'报酬的链接建设者。但是...'t all 博主 paid link-builders in 上 e way or another? :-)

    I 上 ly allow partypoker帖子s from such sites in which the content is relevant and helpful to my readers AND I absolutely must be comfortable with the sites they are linking to. (no payday loans!)

    I end up telling a lot of these partypoker帖子ers, "no thanks" - especially the 上 es for which grammar is a 真实 problem or the site being linked to is scammy.

    但是我've had three partypoker帖子s from link-building freelancers go viral and those posts have made me a decent chunk of change, so 我不'不要总是拒绝他们。

    I think the lesson here is that 您 have to be comfortable with the partypoker帖子ing arrangement and tough enough to say "no" if it's not a good fit for 您r site.

  5. Appreciate 您 stalking (erm, I mean stopping by.) Pinterest is fast becoming a superb way to connect with other small biz junkies! Thanks for 您r comment!

  6. 谢谢克里斯蒂娜!您的故事是一个很好的故事,这些规则之所以可以'不能直接在整个板上使用。一世'我也很高兴这些帖子有助于为您的博客带来流量!我希望每个人都能报告如此积极的结果:)

  7. 我实际上是为一些博客写客座文章。我不会以您描述的方式进行征集(尽管我会定期通过我自己的博客收到它们)。我写的利基倾向于使用"how-to"partypoker文章的文章较少关注个人故事,因此为网站所有者撰写文章不是'道德冲突。我有时会被拒绝,但大多数人都知道我是谁,因为在我之前,我们已经通过Twitter或通过彼此的博客建立了联系've sent a request.

    These types of requests that 您 describe are exactly the reason why I have adopted a partypoker帖子ing policy. I never expected to have 上 e. Although I bet these "writers"如果我仍然发布该政策,它将忽略该政策。

  8. 谢谢你停下来,杰西卡!一世'm a big fan of 您r blog :)

    我认为它's great that 您 use tact and honesty when placing partypoker帖子s for others. I know that there are a few out there who do this, and I 上 ly wish they were the 上 es reaching out -- instead of the others. I appreciate 您 sharing 您r experience!

  9. I accepted an unsolicited partypoker帖子 recently. The article was written pretty well, but I had to make some modifications to it. Typically I wouldn'不会以这种方式接受文章,但是我提供了指南,并且客座博客也遵循了这些指南,因此我接受了它。

  10. 我收到了很多这样的消息,并且我学会了忽略它们。主要原因是因为感觉到了"iffy" about it, and 您r post just confirms that for me.

  11. 詹姆士,
    It's great that 您 were able to use a partypoker帖子 and adapt it to fit 您r blog. Not everyone has had such luck!

    在生活和商业中,通常最好"got with 您r gut". Glad 您 followed 您r instinct 上 this!

  12. Like the pic 您 used for this post. May be 博主 can also go to an extent of say allowing 2-3 posts every 7-10 days. That way posts without nothing much to offer won'永远不可能出现在自己的博客上。

    If 上 e does not have a limit to how many partypoker帖子s they can publish with a given time frame (say in a week or month), then the temptation of publishing any post becomes hard to resist.

    And so partypoker帖子ers who are out there looking for blog traffic to milk will always be a constant problem, until some measures are taken (for example, 您 have decided to stay away from people who don'没有自己的网站或样本)。


  13. It gets worse than that - I get emails actually attaching a partypoker帖子 for me to use. Effectively what they're saying is "you're desperate for content and 您'我会清楚地发布任何东西"。好吧,实际上没有...

    People who make the cardinal sin of sending me unsolicited guestposts get deleted and marked as 垃圾邮件 from that moment 上 ...

  14. 艾西瓦娅·沃拉(Aishwarya Vohra)2012年12月6日,上午12:32

    Although, I agree with a lot of 您r points, I still feel 您 are being a little too harsh 上 partypoker帖子ers.

    I have been guest blogging for clients for over two years and I always take out the time to understand the kind of content the 博主 publishes and the partypoker帖子 policy of the site. I also make sure the articles (actually) offer valuable content and are grammaticaly correct.

    我不't see whats wrong with sending someone a partypoker帖子 mail if the 博主 is himself inviting partypoker帖子s. Why else would 您 have a "Write for Us" page 上 您r blog?

    And if 您 don't want unsolicited partypoker帖子s, please mention it 上 您r blog. People like me, NEVER contact a blog if it specifically mentions that they don'不能接受陌生人的partypoker文章。

  15. 感谢所有的评论。艾西瓦娅(Aishwarya),我确实同意客人发贴政策很有用,但是,它可能无法涵盖所有​​方面。其中许多"guest 博主"并没有真正阅读博客来了解博客的内容或帖子的格式。他们只是看到想要利用Google果汁的PageRank。我很幸运能为我的博客做过出色的partypoker海报,但是他们是我认识和信任的人,他们使用的简历自然也链接到了他们的博客,而没有为SEO进行URL /文本链接的操作。

    另一个烦恼是我收到了很多"spammy"同一年的请求,通常来自同一"blogger." Many of these are not 真实 博主.. they are marketing companies. The names aren't even 真实.

    On a few instances, I have allowed partypoker帖子s from companies, but they paid for those spots as an advertorial, and it was clearly disclosed to my readers. I think this is a great way to generate advertising income, and I see no problem with that.

    The problem (and the cause of this article) is that all the partypoker帖子ing "spam"可能很烦人。当你回信你不知道't do partypoker帖子s from unknown 作家, some of the responses have been very unprofessional.

    Moral of the story: Use 您r best judgement in these matters. Yes, there are legitimate partypoker帖子ers that want to build traffic to their own blogs, but the majority of these "offers"是建立链接的机器,对整个网络几乎没有任何价值。

  16. 加!我只是得到了一个完整的答复,而Google却吃掉了它,所以我登录了错误的帐户。真令人沮丧。要点:如果您处理这些垃圾邮件"bloggers"并且您使用“关注”链接,Google最终将对您进行处罚。您可能会失去PR和SERP职位。让这些人知道他们的链接将为NoFollow,他们'会突然失去兴趣。如果你也一样'转售文字链接。

    I use Do Follow for legitimate partypoker帖子ers with sites that are relevant to my own, but I'm not going to risk my PR5 for some 垃圾邮件mer's benefit.

  17. 谢谢,媚兰! (而且我为使用错误的Google帐户感到痛苦。)我同意公开"no follow"预先准备是消除垃圾邮件的好方法-当然,前提是他们理解并关心他们。我认为它'当您可以赠予那些值得“关注”标签的人时,这非常好。它'是不断给予的美丽礼物;)

  18. 很棒的文章!我是各种平台的贡献者,永远不会考虑以这种方式向某人推销。感谢分享。


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